Cultural Communications & Curating


Cultural Communications

Over the years, Silvia collaborated with a number of prestigious international architectural offices, comunications agencies, arts festivals and companies, gaining solid interdisciplinary knowledge and broad expertise about the arts. According to the tasks and the content, she develops concepts for the fields of art, literature, architecture, design, by providing effective and efficient communication strategies by means of PR tools such as press relations and marketing solutions across multimedia channels. Her communications solutions are thought and tailored to reflect the needs and the philosophy of the studio, artist, festival and book she is working with, thus delivering a strong message and a persuasive story to the public. 


Her interdisciplinary knowledge and her communicative approach find expression also through Silvia’s curatorial practice. Her approach reflects issues and topics she really cares about and addresses the public with questions about society, politics and culture in order to build a constructive dialogue. She has built solid and fruitful collaborations with artists and architects with whom she develops projects investigating relevant issues, like migration and identity, by means of artistic and architectural interventions. Her projects happen mainly outside the usual white cube and have taken place in refugee camps, in car parks and centres for asylum seekers.

Project Management

Silvia is responsible for the coordination, organisation and management of a number of projects, ranging from book projects to literary events. She oversees the different phases, from the conception, through development and production, to the execution, by coordinating also the different parties involved in the process. She has already being involved in the management of projects for the literary festivals she collaborated with, including the coordination of a series of encounters with authors which took place in prisons in Berlin and Cardiff. She is also co-founder of We Are here Zurich, a not-for-profit association whith which she produces and organises workshops and events in public space


Languages, books and literature represent Silvia’s comfort zone. She enjoys writing and expressing her thoughts in different foreign languages, exploring the depth and richness that each language possesses. She has written some articles for OnCurating Journal as well as for some blogs, that she was also coordinating and editing. She recently extensively produced the book project Ways to Escape One’s Former Country with artist duo Baltensperger + Siepert. She edits texts in Italian, English and German and translates texts from English and German into Italian.